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Full Body Harnesses


Miller DuraFlex Stretchable Harness

WEBBING WITH STRETCHABLE ELASTOMER FIBERS Patented Miller DuraFlex™ Harnesses feature specially formulated elastomer webbing that stretches and conforms to the shape of the worker preventing any bunching, binding or kinking.

Improve Safety With added comfort, DuraFlex™ Harnesses offer wider end-user acceptance - A comfortable harness is worn properly, enhancing compliance and safety on the job site.

Productivity Because DuraFlex Harnesses™ are stretchable, the worker has greater mobility with less fatigue. Rated to 400-lbs. (181.4 kg) capacity.

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Miller AirCore Oil & Gas Harness

FOR OIL FIELD APPLICATIONS The Miller AirCore™ Oil and Gas Harness was designed for workers on drilling or service rigs keeping them safe whether they’re positioning pipe, or doing routine rig set up, required maintenance or tear down.

Functional Design Designed for both comfort and functionality, the new AirCore™ harness has up to 30% less surface area than other padding on the market.

Lightweight Up to 20% lighter than similar competitive harnesses, the AirCore™ harness is a reliable partner that ensures productive and comfortable working conditions.

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Miller AirCore Wind Energy Harness

FOR WIND TURBINE APPLICATIONS The Miller AirCore™ Wind Energy harness was specifically created for workers who build and service wind turbines. The lightweight design suits the needs of a physically demanding job and helps reduce fatigue while keeping your workers comfortable and safe.

Comfortable AirCore™ harnesses are designed with patented Miller DuraFlex® stretchable webbing that provides greater flexibility and increased comfort.

Increased Functionality With less surface area, integrated padding, and heat-reducing materials, the AirCore™ delivers the right mix of safety, comfort and durability for your workers.

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Miller AirCore Harness for Tower Climbing

FOR TV, RADIO & TRANSMISSION TOWERS The Miller AirCore™ Tower Climbing harness keeps your workers comfortable and safe – increasing productivity. It is designed for workers climbing cell phone, TV, radio and utility towers, while building/decommissioning towers, changing out transmission lines/antennas, or replacing lights.

Lighweight The materials and components were carefully selected to reduce fatique for all-day endurance and increase work productivity.

Comfortable Designed for physically demanding jobs, its breathable, open-core padding technology provides optimal airflow keeping workers cooler and more confortable.

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