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Ascenders & Descenders


Miller SafEscape ELITE Rescue/Descent Device

A proper safety at height program includes the necessary steps for safe and quick rescue in an emergency. The new Miller SafEscape™ ELITE RDD is the next generation global solution for rescue/descent that meets all applicable safety standards throughout the world, lowers cost of ownership, enhances safety and is easy to use.

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Miller Descent Device

Manual Descent Device is designed for a variety of applications where smooth, controlled descent from an elevated position is required.

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Miller Series 70 Universal Rescue System

Simple, one-person operation, the rope control handle allows the user to easily ascend and descend the rope line. Should an emergency rescue situation occur, a top-side worker may activate the system to retrieve the user.

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Miller QuickPick Rescue Kits

Miller QuickPick™ Rescue Kits deliver peace of mind during unexpected, stressful peer-rescue situations. The rescuer can remotely attach the system to the suspended worker while remaining securely anchored on the walking/working surface. All rescue components are contained in one easy-to-store kit with no assembly necessary – only requiring an overhead anchorage.

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