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Genuine Miller SRL self-retracting lifeline repair / recertification services

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Lifehook Supply™ is named in honor of Lifehook®, a line of major utility safety inventions that set a new standard for safety in the electric utility industry. The innovative product line was developed by Reeve and manufactured in Connecticut from 1987 to 2017. Lifehook products were available in both pole-top models with a 360º rotating davit and a height-adjustable model with a 250º rotating davit. Click here for Product History.

Throughout their thirty year production, Lifehook products were proven to be safer, stronger, and to last longer than all also-rans that followed. The proven results of the Lifehook in the field was the origin for the 29 CFR 1910.269 Subpart R requirement, and their outstanding longevity and proof-tested reliability set the standard for product quality in its market.

The Lifehook brand is synonymous with utility safety and fall protection equipment of the very highest quality. As the new Lifehook Supply™, we intend to continue the Lifehook brand tradition with our new and wide assortment of quality utility safety and fall protection products.

This area is where Lifehook owners can schedule repair and recertification to their Miller SRL self-retracting lifelines. As a thank you for their support over these many years, Lifehook owners can contact us with their serial number to register for discounts on purchases of new utility safety products. We look forward to serving you!

Contact us to schedule Miller SRL recertification.

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